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This unique book and DVD and now online streaming video package presents the keys to optimizing muscle, joint, nerve, and biochemical functions and mastering the technical aspects of weight-training exercises.
The book provides the background information necessary to optimize your potential for strength and muscle development. It explains how muscles function, provides tests to determine your ability to do specific weight-training exercises, and discusses the exercises that are most beneficial for various training outcomes and goals. The final chapter offers the road map to improved functional level and optimized performance.

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Three Levels of Testing

The enclosed DVD / Online Video walks you through 136 weight-training readiness tests of Self-Tests, Functional Muscle Tests, Exercise Tests. 

The Self-Test contains several move­ments that test, without weights, your ability to move with proper technique through the full range of motion.

The Functional Muscle Test demonstrates how fitness professionals, therapists, and physicians can test their clients’ weight-training readiness and determine functional weaknesses. This is an excellent section for professional trainers to use for testing muscle performance in each exercise.
The Exercise Test presents strength-training exercises and reviews the optimal techniques for each. Then it describes and demonstrates common problems caused by weaknesses and dysfunctions in the muscles, joints, or nerves that are being trained. 

Learn Proper Technique

The enclosed DVD / Online Video demonstrates proper technique for 33 weight-training exercises. You will see demonstrations of basic strength-train­ing exercises and hear a narration that describes proper technique. You can use these techniques to improve your own training or you can use it with clients, team members, and friends.

Corrective  Training

The Corrective Training sections guide you to supplementary flexibility, isometric, and tubing exercises using the muscles worked in the strength-training exercises for each body area. PNF exercises are also included for the chest, shoulders, and upper back.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1
The Anatomy of Optimizing Strength
Four Types of Weight-Training Dysfunction
Causes of Weight-Training Dysfunction
Assessment of Weight-Training Function

Chapter 2
Assessing Weight-Training Readiness
Exercise Test
Functional Muscle Test
Treatment of Weight-Training Dysfunctions

Chapter 3
Linking Muscles to Exercise Movement
Deltoid Muscle
Rotator Cuff Muscles
Chest Muscles
Biceps Muscles
Triceps Muscle
Forearm Muscles
Upper-Back Muscles
Lower-Back and Hip Muscles
Quadriceps Femoris Muscles
Hamstring Muscles
Calf Muscles
Abdominal Muscles

Chapter 4
Analyzing the Risk-Benefit Ratio of Weight-Training Exercises
Risk-Benefit Coding System
Variables That Affect the Risk-Benefit Ratio
Risk-Benefit Ratio of Weight-Training Exercise Parameters

Chapter 5
Designing Training Programs for Optimal Strength
Program Design
Step 1: Weight-Training Readiness Screen
Step 2: Weight-Training Readiness Exam
Step 3: Determine Training Goals and Desired Outcomes
Step 4: Design a Functional Training Program
Step 5: Design an Optimal Training Program

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